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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some Knitting Projects Done (Haven't heard that in a while!)

Well, you saw it, you own it, but it feels weird now to finish a project and not post it, but here's the wine cover.This is probably the most useless thing a person could knit (isn't wine supposed to be cold?), but I just really needed a project to work on, sort of like a chew toy or something. Lee gave me this yarn, which I think she might have spun herself (I asked Dad, but he didn't know).
Aaannd, one Christmas present done! Here's Kristen's hat

I got sick of posting stuff on Craftster, so I guess I can take pictures of my face now. But I always look kind of crazy in pictures, so I might have to re-think that. I tried fixing this picture so I don't look so washed out, but it didn't help. Perhaps it's just my skin and not the camera that makes me look so white. BUT this isn't a blog for my photog skills, is it?

You can't really see the flap on the hat, even in real life. Maybe I should have sewn it up looser. But this only took me three days to make, I'm pretty proud of myself.

I don't think you were there, but Dad "hinted" to me at dinner that he wanted a winter hat! A hat! And I'm about to attempt to make a whole sweater vest before Christmas and he wants a HAT! Bah! Maybe I'll make one to match his sweater vest.


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