Crafting Chavs

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pajama Pillow

This is a re-purposed craft: my glow-in-the-dark Paris pajamas met their maker; i.e., a hole and very worn spot appeared on the sleeve.  I didn't want to just toss them out so I used the top to create a pillow, using one that was looking faded.  I used all the buttons so I could put the pillow in easily; I plan to hand-sew that closed as I can toss the entire pillow in the wash.  I kept the pocket, just in case I find something to put in it.  This version of the pillow looks much better on the bed than the one I covered up.  Plus, it still glows in the dark! You can see the Eiffel Towers, which are the bits that glow. I'm happy I didn't have to say goodbye altogether.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jersey Dress

This jersey dress was surprisingly easy to make; I was worried about the faux wrap.  Despite the knit of the fabric, it does not show all my bits and bumps!  I chose this fabric at Joann's some time ago and matched it with McCall's 6163 - here.   It has ruching at the edge of the sleeve and along the side seam.  Both, again, very easy.  The side seam, shown below, called for a zipper - yes, right where the ruching was done!  I could not imagine the thickness I would have to sew through to insert a zipper so I just left it out.  The neckline is big enough to accommodate pulling this dress over my head.

I should have used a lighter interfacing in the collar as it stands up a bit stiffly.  It's a very comfortable dress and I look foward to wearing it quite a bit.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Apron

Birthday apron!  I made this for my sister, Joy, out of red corduroy (purchased at a fabric garage sale) and trimmed it with the blue and white fabric I used in a dress (here).  The blue button was in my stash and goes very well with the blue and white fabric.  This is an over-the-head apron as she likes to be fully covered when cooking.  She told me after she opened the present that she was jealous when she saw the aprons I made for myself, Anna and Katie out of the Seattle fabric (here).

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dad Hat

Fabric from B. Black & Sons and Beverly Fabrics 

I made my first hat! It turned out a little wonky, but ok.

The wool from B. Black & Sons was luscious green wool that felt thick enough for this fedora, but it doesn't have the structure that fedoras are supposed to have.

You can see it looks a lot better on dad than me, and that was the point. I had to wear dad's frat shirt for the picture (from a server I had at a pub later that night: "why are you wearing a shirt in russian?").

I lurrrrve the lining. It's this fantastic silk/cotton blend that was much easier to work with than regular silk. I want it in every color.

Watch out, everyone! Expect more gift hats!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Almost-Fit Shorts

Fabric from Austin Citywide Garage Sale

I believe this is my third attempt at pants. The last pair of shorts I made got about 3 wears out of them before they split. I decided to make these bigger, thinking it was a hip thing. I'm so used to making a-line skirts, which are much more forgiving.

Once I made these up, they still didn't fit just right. It was only then that I came across the Pants Fitting Cheat Sheet and discovered I have a long torso!!

Too bad the shorts were already 95% done.

I'm happy I figured out what the problem is-- and I plan on making another pair of shorts this summer just so I know I can do it. It is a little disappointing, though, because these turned out so cute!

I just have to put up with a smiley crotch.

Next on the list-- an a-line dress.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I attended a Christmas in July workshop at Pacific Fabrics and picked up the apron kit.  It consisted of a pattern plus strips of fabric printed with vegetables.  Someone mentioned the Seattle fabric and I put those together, using the Seattle fabric as the lining.  The two models show how the colors look different in the two styles.

For my apron, I added the rooster button (pictured) to the pocket.  For my daughters' version, I chose a heart-shaped frosted cookie (not pictured).

The pattern had a mistake in it, I was told at the workshop.  I went ahead and cut the strips according to the pattern, only to find out that was the mistake; the strip length was too short.  I compensated by buying more Seattle fabric and sewing that below the short strips on the front.  The entire apron is lined with the Seattle fabric, as well, making it reversible (although the Seattle fabric side doesn't have a pocket).

All this from one kit!  I have some leftover, with directions on how to make potholders.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Striped Skirt and a Shrug

 Skirt: New Look 6872
Fabric: Pendleton

Shrug: From Classic Knits by Erika Knight
Yarn: Vanna's Glamour in Topaz

I fully intended to finish this skirt in time for my visit to Seattle, which just shows how slowly sewing is going for me these days. Actually, I made this skirt twice. I tried a pleated version, but it wasn't sitting right. I came across some inspiration on What I Wore (i.e. I copied it) and I think it turned out ok.

 I think I need to work on my timed photo face.

Anyway, just this morning, I FINALLY finished this bitty shrug.

I'm not sure when I started it, but I do remember buying the yarn in January. 2012. It's kind of embarrassing that I spent over a year just making an acrylic shrug, but it's SPARKLY!

  Thanks, Vanna.

 Up next: I cut some shorts out in January for some reason, and now that it's getting warmer, I feel a little more motivated to work on them. Also motivating me: a four-hour layover on my way to Indy in a couple of weeks. I have my eye on a sweater and I haven't been to any knitting shops in LA. But, at the rate my knitting goes, perhaps I should work on something simpler.