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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iris Folding, it's so exciting!

I took the Iris Folding class at work last week with the bubbly Nichole. And I didn't believe it when Nichole told me, but

This was the first one I made. Photography is once again bad, I know (maybe I need a new camera). But, it's actually amazing. I was not saying that about the first thing I knitted.

These cards are made with just a template, paper, glue and tape. I just used an old card for the center of this one. Nichole has made some out of Post-Its. An image search on Google brings up a bunch of Iris Folding templates.

I made this one on my own a couple nights ago for Leah's birthday. I haven't really gotten into any new crafts lately, I just try something out and think "Oh, that was fun" and that's it. I like this a lot so far, though. Simple and relaxing (and a little dorky). I'm taking another folding class next week and will post what I make.


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