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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jewelry Making Frenzy

I made a few pairs of earrings I've been meaning to make since I got back from Europe. I got all the charms in London. The round pair and the star pair are made from shell, so imagine the glossy/rainbow shell look.

And I made this necklace/earring set for someone at work. He was trying to find some red, dangly earrings for his sister (who we also work with) for Christmas, so I offered to make some if he got the beads. He picked some great colors! Since I still had a bunch of beads left, I made a necklace, too. And I STILL have some left over (I might make myself the necklace!)


Blogger Coco said...

You could go into the business. Remember those beaded necklaces we saw at the Women's Show that cost $30? And they were just tiny beads strung together; nothing as fantastic looking as this set!

11:25 AM  

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