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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coco's Jewelry

I know there is no possibility of catching up to Anna's crafting frenzy but I am finally adding some of my own. The Blue Pearl and White Pearl earring/necklace set were made out of kits purchased at the now-closed Hancock Fabrics in Bremerton, where I spent FAR too much money at the closing sales. The Blue Stone and Rainbow earring/necklace sets were made out of stones and beads purchased at a bead store in Burien, where I am now happily a resident. I think the Rainbow necklace is fuzzy but I wanted to capture that rainbow look. The Earring Frames were created based on something I saw during a past ferry commute (now, thankfully, no longer part of my daily routine). Someone was creating earrings and hanging them from a picture frame containing plastic canvas. I copied that by using hanging frames. I cut out an outline of the cardboard backing so the clasps on the back of the frame would have something to hold onto besides plastic canvas. I saw a wooden earring holder in a catalog (holds 52 pairs!!) but that item was no longer in stock when I tried to order it. Ironically, after creating mine, I received another catalog and, wouldn't you know it, their wooden earring holder was back in stock. So, even though I have two of my own (with room for future growth, as you can see), I ordered the wooden version to compare to mine.



Blogger Bananna_AnnA said...

I'm so happy you posted! All your jewelry looks great, I especially like the first set. And good idea on the earring frame, I'd try it, but I would probably need about 10 of them to hold all my earrings.

6:31 PM  

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