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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wrap Dress

McCall 5314
I was hoping the wrinkles wouldn't show in this picture, but I guess I was wrong. Other than spending three days cutting out this dress of one hundred pieces, putting it together was quick & easy. My dressform is a lot more flat chested than I am, so it fits better. It doesn't close all the way in front when I wear it, but it still looks just fine (as long as I'm wearing something under it, of course).
I copied Chad's blazer, which had layered buttons on the sleeve:


Blogger Coco said...

This dress is lovely! I want to see it in person so I can check out the details. Love the layered button, too! You always have a touch of "you" in what you make (even though it was on another jacket, you adopted it).

6:04 PM  

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