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Friday, December 18, 2009

Yay For Teabag Folding!

I took my 2nd cardmaking class from Nichole this week and it's Teabag folding. This one was a bit more complicated than Iris folding, but still easy. All you use is square pieces of paper and glue.

This was my first one. It's made with origami paper and post-its. If someone told me they made a card out of post-its, I might gag, but post-its turn out pretty nice when teabag-folded.

My 2nd one (see how the center fits together nicer than the first).

The cool thing about these cards is that they can be two-sided, so you have something to look at when you open the card.
Yay! I love these cards.

Wow! I went through this whole post without making any dirty jokes about teabagging!


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