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Saturday, September 10, 2011


I started, and finished, sewing this apron today. It is modeled by my handsome husband, Matt. The pattern is See & Sew B5125. I had enough fabric to make the full size version, plus add the pocket from the skirt size version. My addition is the lace trim, from my stash.

The fabric was given to me by Anna on the day she moved to Austin. It was rolled up and marked as 5 yards. I unrolled it, thinking this was enough to make several aprons, but the width of the fabric was only 30". Luckily, that was enough to put the front and the flounce on the fold, as required, so I didn't have to deal with extra seams.

Originally, when I received the fabric, I thought about making a jumper. I hesitated, thinking I might never wear it. After making an apron from a kit, I remembered this fabric and realized it was vintage-looking enough to make a charming apron.


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You've been busy! Everything looks great.

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