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Sunday, January 01, 2012

It's time for Gifts!

Adapted from Cozy V-Neck Pullover

As I was making mom's sweater vest, Emily would not not stop going on about how good she would look in a sweater vest and how she wanted one. Ok, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but she definitely stated "I want a sweater vest". And so she got one.

I started this in July and finished up in November, just in time for the week of chilly weather that Austin calls winter.

One thing I learned: a sweater vest is not just simply a sweater without sleeves, which is what I tried to do with this pattern. The raglan sleeves hung down over her shoulders and it just looked like I gave up  on the sleeves of a sweater. I had to unravel a lot of yarn to pull it up over the shoulders, but I think it turned out ok! I don't understand knitting patterns well enough to adjust, so I should probably stop thinking that I can.

Butterick 6837 with pockets adapted to look like Simplicity 2758
Sherbert terry cloth from Mood Fabrics

I swore I would not make any Christmas presents this year. It's always too stressful and I prefer not sewing with a deadline. But, mom wanted a terry cloth robe and I certainly was not paying $70 for one. So, mom got my only handmade present this year.

I love the shape of these pockets! I put them on one of my skirts last summer. Regular patch pockets are just way to boring.

I'm currently working on a circle skirt and then I'll start on mom and my McCall's 6433 sew-along (which she will most likely be posting momentarily since she's almost done and I still need laundry quarters to wash the lining).


Blogger connie said...

I like Emily's sweater vest including the non-sleeves! Also, I totally agree about the robe pockets; they give my new robe a classy touch. Thanks so much for sacrificing part of your vacation to give me a terry cloth robe! Love, Mom

8:17 PM  

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