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Friday, February 05, 2010

Suck It, Michael Kors, I'll Make It Myself

Fabric from estate

I'll admit it, I'm one of those people that tears pages out of magazines for "inspiration". I've had a page ripped out of Glamour in my pile featuring this Michael Kors dress, and hoped I might one day find a similar pattern. Turns out I already owned one! I bought this Simplicity pattern for the full-skirted version (which I still have not made), and a few months ago I was looking at it, and as I looked past the ugly pink floral Simplicity used, I had a flashback to the Michael Kors dress. It's times like these that encourage my desire to own every sewing pattern in existence.

If you look at the technical drawing of the pattern, the front has some cute pleats that you'll have to take note of in person.

One thing that this dress has that Michael Kors's version does not is a cute V in the back...

And yes, I did use an invisible zipper.
Trying to learn from my fitting issues with the Swedish Dress, I made the bodice and waist a 10 and the skirt a 12. The bodice fits great, but I had to sew the skirt allowances at 3/8" to fit and it's still a little hip-hugging (or more like butt-hugging). If I could start over, I probably would have made a 10 in the top, 12 in the waist and 14 in the skirt. I always thought my boobs were too big to be considered pear shape, but maybe I'm wrong.

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