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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bookbinding- Accordion Folding

Accordion Folding

This week was the easiest week so far. But, accordion folding isn't only folding back-and-forth. But it basically is for this first book. We learned how to make a long accordion fold out of three sheets of paper and glued the end sheets to our covers. I used my paper from De Medici Ming.

And here's what I mean by "it isn't only back-and-forth folding". This book looks like little paper book with a spine from the outside and is folded to have little pockets on the inside. The paper isn't as fancy as the first one (I'm pretty sure our instructor used a Kinko's to make this paper), but it's still cute.

That little green book in the pocked is our next book, the one-page book, made out of this:

I had a flashback to making books like this in 1st grade. Our instructor, Jenny, is a librarian and does book classes for kids. Which means she has a few quick books like this one up her sleeve for times such as a bookbinding class finishing 30 minutes early.

So in the last part of our class we made these. They are both just squares when they're shut and open into un-booklike shapes. I'll have to be creative to figure out what to do with these.


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