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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vintage Blouse & Last Week of Bookbinding!

Vintage Simplicity 4676
Fabric from yard sale
I couldn't model this because I had crazy hair, but it's a lot cuter than my dress form lets on. I got the pattern on etsy and the fabric from Tori's fabric sale. It was really easy, if only I had time to sew these days. I then proceeded to spill clear nail polish on it as soon as I finished, so hopefully I can get that out.
Here is the pattern, I wish I had the model's hair to go with the blouse.
I was hoping to make a couple more things before I move, but I might have to go on sewing hiatus for now, I barely have time to look for apartments.

Hard cover book!
I had my last week of bookbinding and I made a sweet hardcover book. It was pretty easy, but a lot of work. Hopefully I can find time to make more.
I'm actually sad that the class is over, but I'll be taking preservation classes pretty soon, so there will be more bookmaking for me.
Might be awhile before any new posts!


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