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Sunday, October 03, 2010

I Finished Something(s)

Embroidered Hanky
Embroidery Pattern from Sublime Stitching, fabric from Hancock
I started this in the 100+ degree heat of August when 2 seconds outside would result in a pint of sweat down my neck. It's not as necessary now that Austin highs are at a comfortable 80-85, but it's much cuter than the other sweat rag I was using.

Vintage Simplicity 5398
Fabric from Hancock
The back of this dress is much more interesting than the front, though maybe it's better in 3-D. I wanted a dress that buttoned up the back, but after thinking about how much work that might involve I instead sewed 10 buttons onto the zipper extention. I actually almost forgot how to do a normal zipper seeing how I've been using invisible zips since 2010 started.
Here's the plain front. The plainness is exaggerated by unwashed hair and no make-up.
But the fabric is pretty interesting in person:

"Like Pick-Up Sticks" as the nice lady at Hancock said.
I'm having a hard time deciding what to make next since it took me over a month to make a dress as easy as this one. Have to pick my projects wisely from now on...


Blogger Coco said...

So clever with the buttons! I never throught of that; although, I have thought of the trouble it would take to button 10 of them up down my back.

8:20 PM  

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