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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Royal Blue Dress

Back in June 2011, I posted a picture of myself in my practice Duchess dress (I called it a Princess dress but that's not the correct title). I had purchased some lovely blue material because I was such an admirer of the blue engagement dress. Since I was able to complete the practice dress, I trusted myself to move on to the blue, final dress. I added the two pieces that drop from the waist, and love the look so much, I may add them to the practice dress. I wore the dress to see the Nutracker with my family, so have included a picture of the two Chav bloggers, as well as one of myself.

This is made from McCall's M5752. When I made the practice dress, I was confused as to what part of the dress I was putting together. Finally, I saw the bodice appear out of the pieces of fabric! Luckily, I took some time to practice on this before cutting into the more expensive piece of fabric!


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