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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blue dress, part 2

The last time I wrote about this dress (here) I mentioned my misgivings and promised another story when I fixed them.  Today's the day!  I added the piece to the back, which now rises to a height I am more comfortable with.  Unfortunately, I see a little hump about 1/3 or the way down so I'll have to take that in.  I took another Butterick pattern, laid out the back and placed my dress over it.  I then used my tracing wheel to create the missing area I needed on a piece of paper.  I then cut that piece out of my ample leftover fabric and added it to the top of the back.  Of course, that required that I re-insert the zipper (3rd time).

You might also recall that I mentioned the neck piece needed to be altered so it lay flat.  I decided to try gathering it a bit, since I had extra without the dip in the back.  That still didn't make it lie as flat as I would have liked, so I tore off the extended piece, leaving the original width.  It still has a bit of a gather in it, which I like, and seems to be enough coverage to make me feel comfortable.

After I fix that bump on the back, and iron this dress yet again, I will finally be able to wear it!  With a sweater, of course, since this has taken me into the chillier days.


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