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Sunday, September 16, 2012

New shirt - pink? tangerine?

I finished this about two weeks ago but didn't get the picture taken until today.  I must give Anna full credit for sending this pattern to me: and suggesting the fabric to use, which was on my shelf (she probably gave that to me, as well).  I must admit I have never downloaded a pattern before; it's like a puzzle - print out the pages then match up the correct pieces.  I found that I missed a page so had to figure out which page it was to avoid printing all of them twice.  I know I could have transferred the pattern to tissue paper but, since there are only two pieces, I went ahead and pinned the printer paper version to the fabric.  I jumped right in and started sewing this up, without reading the pattern first.  Remember the two pieces?  That would be front and back; no facings for the neck or armholes.  That would require bias tape!  Colette is nice enough to provide a tutorial on making your own: which would work marvelously if this fabric wasn't so prone to shredding.  I thought of using premade bias tape, but if you look at the title of this post, what is the color of this fabric.  There is no matching color in bias tape at either of the two fabric stores close to me.  So, I bought a darker color, made the bias tape Colette recommended, and sewed it to the premade bias tape.  That also worked out better due to the slippery nature of this fabric; making the bias tape was a bit of a challenge since, when marking the lines, the fabric kept jumping around.

What would I have done differently?  Well, if I were more like Anna, I would have made this out of muslin first.  It seemed so simple that I just didn't take the time (and I didn't have any muslin).  The pattern has you sew the bias tape to the inside of the top, then flip it to the outside and sew it on.  I would have sewn it to the outside, then flipped it to the inside, hand-sewn it in place on the inside, and top-stitched from the outside.  All in all, I am very pleased the the result, though.

It was by lucky accident that the cute pleat on the front of this top ended up with the pattern down the center.  I give myself no preplanning credit.


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