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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canvas for Emily

Wood Letters on Canvas 
Supplies from Michael's

This probably looks familiar to you if you've been on Pinterest anytime since its inception, which is indeed where I got the inspiration. So, see? Sometimes Pinterest does result in productivity instead of only a planned productivity black hole of time.

Emily needed a housewarming, so I made this to welcome her. A few issues:

Ok, so I wouldn't consider Michael's to be the epitome of quality when it comes to wood letters. I gave them all a quick sanding and then hot glue gunned them to the canvas. The first problem I noticed was that white (or ivory) paint only highlights all the imperfections. That's ok, we'll call it shabby chic.

The next problem was the hot glue gun, which doesn't agree with canvas. The letters were falling off no matter how much gunky glue I put on them. Dad and I tried to staple gun them down, but when the first attempt resulted in a letter flying three feet, we had to think of Plan C:

Tacs! Sore thumb aside, sometimes a simple solution is right in front of you.


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