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Friday, November 26, 2010


When I have some vacation time, I plan to complete a project. Since I was snowed in for almost 3 of my 5 days off (and 2 days were for Thanksgiving), I thought I would accomplish more. At least, I finished two pillows. I discarded two pillows because they were hopelessly worn out. One was the bolster that belonged to my husband. So, I covered a bolster (purchased at the Bremerton's Hancock Going Out of Business sale) with some fabric in my stash. I faked pintucking about 1/3 of the length from each end, and along the ends. I had a length of lace (which, so far, he hasn't labelled "too girly), so I added that to the center. It doesn't quite fit all the way around but I put the pillow on the bed zipper side down, so that doesn't show. The round pillow (insert also purchased at Hancock) is covered with some fabric we used as a canopy at our wedding (2/14/82). The pleated pattern was adapted from one of my stepmother's (Jonnie) patterns (made for a pillow two inches smaller in diameter), with a circle added to cover the center hole. The button was in my button stash, and I think that came from Jonnie's collection, too. The pattern includes smocked pillow covers, which I had originally planned to make. Reading the directions led me to believe one pillow would take up more than my 5 days off (let alone needing time to make Thanksgiving dinner), so I'll save that for a later project.


Blogger Bananna_AnnA said...

I like the lace and button details. Cute pillows!

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