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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Color Block Dress

 I finished this over the holiday break and absolutely love it!  The center is a very dark green, although it looks brown in the picture. I chose to place the darker color in the middle because someone at work once told me it looked like I lost weight when I wore a dark shirt under a khaki-colored jacket. I thought the dark color would draw the eye inward, plus it looks better against my face than the lighter color.

I included a picture of the pattern for a reason.  You can see that the two-colored version is sleeveless. None of the short sleeved versions are in two colors but I wanted short sleeves. So, I modified the pattern to include short sleeves, which took some work because the top of the two color version has a facing across the front and back, not just armholes and neck.  I wanted to add a mandarin style collar, which I borrowed from another McCall's pattern; but. after cutting out both the collar and the interfacing, changed my mind and just kept the round collar (easier to wear necklaces with).  To my surprise, as I was finishing up the dress, I noticed the Joann's ad with the same pattern, two colors, and short sleeves!  I know it's just a drawing but who at Joann's is reading my mind?


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