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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vest for the Best

Fabric from B. Black and Sons

Oh, dear, I am moving at a snail's pace when it comes to sewing. I made this for Emily for Christmas, but only just put the finishing touches on it before my trip home a couple weeks ago. And obviously, only just blogging about it now.

I was so excited to get this luscious fabric from B. Black & Sons in the Garment District. Some Mad Men costumes are made from the fabric at this shop. I'll definitely have to go back and get some purple wool to make a Joan inspired dress. But, until I have that kind of cash on me, I'll have to scour the remnants pile, which is where I got a yard and a half of this for $15.

The pattern is surprisingly small. I made a 12, which is what I usually make for myself (and Emily is much smaller than I) and still had to take it out a bit.

I've got two other things cut out and I'm working on a skirt right now. The pleats are a little iffy, which is what is holding me back. Hopefully I'll be a little more present here in the coming months.


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