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Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Break Means Free Time

Beaded and Heart Necklaces
Supplies from: Gargoyle Beads, Joann

How nice it was to get some crafting done over my break! But, my free time ends tomorrow, so we'll see if I get anything else done before May.

Mom and I had a beading day and I made these necklaces. I made some matching earrings (even though, as Mom knows, I don't wear matching sets):

And, of course, I made some Christmas presents. Also not surprising, I ended Christmas swearing that next year I'm just buying presents and being done with it.
But the family seemed to enjoy their gifts:
Incognito Cowl
Pattern from Knitty

Dad got a cowl for scooter-riding. I wasn't sure how it would turn out since I used sport-weight instead of worsted like the pattern called for, but the baby alpaca yarn felt like a cloud. Also, sport weight takes longer to knit, so this took a lot longer than expected.

Embroidered Bookmarks
Supplies from Joann and the University Book Store
Mom and Katie got embroidered bookmarks. I have one for myself that I bought at Le Bonheur des Dames in Paris (because I never have ideas of my own) and these are not nearly the level of quality that mine is, but my family does not judge harshly.

Maple Leaf Placemats
Mom's idea
I could probably let Mom post these, but here they are. Mom got a pattern for these online somewhere and we traced them onto cork board and cut them out JUST in time for turkey dinner on Christmas. They were still curling up (cork board comes on a roll) while we were eating, but luckily we had a container of 4 dozen Christmas cookies which Mom later used as a flattening device.

Supplies from University Book Store and Daniel Smith
Since I bought Davey board for the bookmarks and Dad got me paper for Christmas, I didn't need much else to make some books. It was happy that (1) I remembered how to make books since I took that class last spring and (2) they were as easy as I remember. I kept the one on the right to myself and gave the rest to Katie, Mom and Dad. Katie and Mom had me sign theirs. Dad, if you want an autograph, send yours and I'll send it back. I understand if you don't.
Lucy in the Sky Cardigan (!!!)
Pattern from Cosmic Pluto
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bone from Joann
Ohmygod, I actually finished a sweater AAAND it fits! And it cost about $15. Yes, I made it with acrylic, but it's acrylic that does not feel like plastic. I swear!
Dad's wearing the sweater vest I made him. Janis is just wearing her fur.

I purposely made the sleeves shorter, but for some reason, my buttonholes are smaller than expected. The great thing about this pattern is how little sewing is involved. The front and back are one piece and you attach the sleeves by knitting them on. I don't like to do a lot of finishing on my knitted items.
This will probably be my first day of school sweater.
Outhouse Cross Stitch
Supplies from Le Bonheur Des Dames
I'm not sure if I did this right, but it looks good anyway. It came in a kit, but I can't decide if I want to frame it or put it in the keychain it was intended for:
Thoughts? I probably won't get around to it until May.
Well, all that and I still didn't finish the dress I started last semester. But sewing is less portable.


Blogger connie said...

1)I laughed when I saw your earrings hanging from my wire rooster! The latest of my collection, by the way.
2) Your bookmarks are FANTASTIC! No need to mention lower quality. Each is a one-of-a-kind gift.
3) The maple leaf pattern was from, a store which conveniently sells the cork shelf-liner.
4) Yes, sewing is less portable but it's nice to know you have access to both a sewing machine and a serger in two cities now, eh?

4:51 PM  

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