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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Striped Skirt and a Shrug

 Skirt: New Look 6872
Fabric: Pendleton

Shrug: From Classic Knits by Erika Knight
Yarn: Vanna's Glamour in Topaz

I fully intended to finish this skirt in time for my visit to Seattle, which just shows how slowly sewing is going for me these days. Actually, I made this skirt twice. I tried a pleated version, but it wasn't sitting right. I came across some inspiration on What I Wore (i.e. I copied it) and I think it turned out ok.

 I think I need to work on my timed photo face.

Anyway, just this morning, I FINALLY finished this bitty shrug.

I'm not sure when I started it, but I do remember buying the yarn in January. 2012. It's kind of embarrassing that I spent over a year just making an acrylic shrug, but it's SPARKLY!

  Thanks, Vanna.

 Up next: I cut some shorts out in January for some reason, and now that it's getting warmer, I feel a little more motivated to work on them. Also motivating me: a four-hour layover on my way to Indy in a couple of weeks. I have my eye on a sweater and I haven't been to any knitting shops in LA. But, at the rate my knitting goes, perhaps I should work on something simpler.


Blogger connie said...

Wonderful! I love the fabric in the skirt.

4:07 PM  

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