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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jersey Dress

This jersey dress was surprisingly easy to make; I was worried about the faux wrap.  Despite the knit of the fabric, it does not show all my bits and bumps!  I chose this fabric at Joann's some time ago and matched it with McCall's 6163 - here.   It has ruching at the edge of the sleeve and along the side seam.  Both, again, very easy.  The side seam, shown below, called for a zipper - yes, right where the ruching was done!  I could not imagine the thickness I would have to sew through to insert a zipper so I just left it out.  The neckline is big enough to accommodate pulling this dress over my head.

I should have used a lighter interfacing in the collar as it stands up a bit stiffly.  It's a very comfortable dress and I look foward to wearing it quite a bit.


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