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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Almost-Fit Shorts

Fabric from Austin Citywide Garage Sale

I believe this is my third attempt at pants. The last pair of shorts I made got about 3 wears out of them before they split. I decided to make these bigger, thinking it was a hip thing. I'm so used to making a-line skirts, which are much more forgiving.

Once I made these up, they still didn't fit just right. It was only then that I came across the Pants Fitting Cheat Sheet and discovered I have a long torso!!

Too bad the shorts were already 95% done.

I'm happy I figured out what the problem is-- and I plan on making another pair of shorts this summer just so I know I can do it. It is a little disappointing, though, because these turned out so cute!

I just have to put up with a smiley crotch.

Next on the list-- an a-line dress.


Blogger connie said...

Wondered what you finished after we left! Recognized these on sight. Still looking cute on you.

3:36 PM  

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