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Saturday, March 23, 2013


I attended a Christmas in July workshop at Pacific Fabrics and picked up the apron kit.  It consisted of a pattern plus strips of fabric printed with vegetables.  Someone mentioned the Seattle fabric and I put those together, using the Seattle fabric as the lining.  The two models show how the colors look different in the two styles.

For my apron, I added the rooster button (pictured) to the pocket.  For my daughters' version, I chose a heart-shaped frosted cookie (not pictured).

The pattern had a mistake in it, I was told at the workshop.  I went ahead and cut the strips according to the pattern, only to find out that was the mistake; the strip length was too short.  I compensated by buying more Seattle fabric and sewing that below the short strips on the front.  The entire apron is lined with the Seattle fabric, as well, making it reversible (although the Seattle fabric side doesn't have a pocket).

All this from one kit!  I have some leftover, with directions on how to make potholders.  Stay tuned!


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