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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pajama Pillow

This is a re-purposed craft: my glow-in-the-dark Paris pajamas met their maker; i.e., a hole and very worn spot appeared on the sleeve.  I didn't want to just toss them out so I used the top to create a pillow, using one that was looking faded.  I used all the buttons so I could put the pillow in easily; I plan to hand-sew that closed as I can toss the entire pillow in the wash.  I kept the pocket, just in case I find something to put in it.  This version of the pillow looks much better on the bed than the one I covered up.  Plus, it still glows in the dark! You can see the Eiffel Towers, which are the bits that glow. I'm happy I didn't have to say goodbye altogether.


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