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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Buffalo Plaid Shirt

I cannot remember when I finished this, but I do know Matt was able to wear this while it was cold.  He graciously agreed to model it for me for this picture, despite the 80 degree weather.  He had mentioned at one point how much he liked the yellow/black buffalo plaid pattern. I could not find a ready-made shirt in that color so ordered one from  It was more of a light orange but he still wears it.  Then, one day, in Joann's, we were waiting to have fabric cut when we spotted the bright yellow/black you see on him.  Plus, the pink version he his holding (to be made into a shirt for me).  I have included a close-up of the pocket and x-stitched buttons.

The pattern is McCall's (M6613), purchased because it's unisex.  I haven't decided which one I will make for myself; perhaps the one with the roll-up sleeves.


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