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Friday, May 02, 2014

Raincoat Hole

What do you do when you are pulling a rolling suitcase through the airport and your raincoat, so carefully draped across the top, gets caught under the wheel, causing a hole?  Throw the coat away? Oh, my, no; you get crafty.  I went to Joann's looking for some sort of tab to cover the hole but found nothing.  Then, it hit me:  buttons!  Buttons without buttonholes cover quite a bit.  I measured the hole, and surrounding damaged area (shown on the left), and realized I would need at least a 2" button.  The large one, shown on the left in the right picture, measures 2.5.  That would have been enough to cover the area but I added the second smaller button just for flair.  I repeated the pattern on the left side of the coat, even though there were no holes there, just to be consistent.  I'm happy to report this coat will accompany me on many, many more walks through the airport!


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