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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crochet Collar Dress

 This dress was inspired by a necklace.  I was watching a TV show on an airplane and someone was wearing a necklace that looked like a crocheted collar. I thought how nice that collar (not as a necklace) would look on a dress, especially one with a contrasting skirt.  I could not find a ready-made collar at Joann's so turned to e-bay, with success!  That was the first purchase.

Then, the pattern.  Pacific Fabrics was having a pattern sale so I found this one - Simplicity 1715.  It is labelled "Amazing Fit" but it's more like "Amazing how many steps they want you to take to make a dress".  I know it's supposed to lead you to make a dress that will fit every bit of your body perfectly, but I can't take the time to baste everything, fit, alter, baste, fit, alter, final stitch.  I just final stitch and hope for the best.  There were a few choices depending on your measurements and I chose one that was too curvy so had to take off some excess on top.  I was pleasantly surprised at the pleats on top of the arms; I was able to attach the arm pieces without gathering!

I picked and chose my pattern parts, as well.  I needed the round neckline for the collar so chose the short-sleeved view.  I didn't want the pleats for this dress so taped those down.  I wanted the 3/4 length sleeve so added those, as well.  It tended to lead to confusion since the Amazing Fit pattern gives you a lot of steps to make this dress (baste, fit, alter, repeat), plus you have to know which view you are sewing; since I picked bits from each view, that just cluttered my brain even more.  I finally got to the point of just sewing a bit, looking at the general directions, and hoping for the best.

I picked up the fabric at Pacific Fabrics.  The top is woven cotton with a little stretch and a black on black stripe you can't see unless you are close; the bottom is a wool blend.  They both feel and look great.

The unveiling was at the Salish Lodge / Snoqualmie Falls on Mother's Day. It was a gorgeous day but I wasn't overly heated even with the dark color, since the top is cotton.

I'm looking forward, believe it or not, to making this dress with the pleats and the bow at the collar.  All one color this time and using one view.


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