Crafting Chavs

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Green shirt

After sewing so many dresses, I felt it was time to make a shirt. I have two pieces of fabric that are enough for a shirt so chose to begin with the green (the blue pattern material in the background is next). I took out all my shirt patterns and found that the amount of fabric I had fit only one - Butterick B5283. I didn't have enough fabric for my first choice so settled on this one. This style is typically one I don't like on me because the bodice never seems to fit correctly but I am quite pleased with how this one turned out (I even received a compliment from my husband on the look and the color!).

History: I don't recall where or when I got this fabric. It has a soft, fluid feel - a very pleasant feel! The pattern has a twist in the bodice, which I had always wondered how to do. It's so easy but does leave a gap at the top of that upward swoop. I can't have a peek-a-boo right there so I tacked that closed. The hem at the top of the back is just that, no facing, which I didn't like so I sewed some seam binding across that. It turns out I actually had a remnant that is a very close match in color to the fabric. It pays to hoard! After I finish the blue shirt (already matched that to a pattern, too), I will return to this pattern and make the view I had first chosen; it just takes more yardage than I had in the green.

Time to make: Very quick! I cut it out on Saturday, started sewing on Sunday and, if I hadn't been distracted by a movie, would have finished it on Sunday. I had to sew the hems during the week. And that includes a couple of seam-ripping sessions.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Pleated Dress

Both Chav bloggers LOVE this pattern! I'm sure it will look much better on Anna's smaller frame but I like it on me, as well. I also appreciate Anna picking the fabric off my shelf as a good choice to use. It was easy to work with and holds the pleat well. I had to do a bit of prep before actually sewing this one; the size did not reach my requirements so I had to add some tissue to the pattern, and leave out a pleat and a couple of darts. Also, I thought the neckline was a bit low for my comfort, so I raised it by 3 inches. I read on the pattern that it's made to allow sewing this as a skirt, only, as well which I may try later. The pattern is McCall's M6433. The bodice requires lining (I used some blue I had left over) while the sleeves are lined in the fabric. Anna and I planned to start this the same day but I began a day early, while she was collecting laundry quarters. I am looking forward to seeing her version!

Royal Blue Dress

Back in June 2011, I posted a picture of myself in my practice Duchess dress (I called it a Princess dress but that's not the correct title). I had purchased some lovely blue material because I was such an admirer of the blue engagement dress. Since I was able to complete the practice dress, I trusted myself to move on to the blue, final dress. I added the two pieces that drop from the waist, and love the look so much, I may add them to the practice dress. I wore the dress to see the Nutracker with my family, so have included a picture of the two Chav bloggers, as well as one of myself.

This is made from McCall's M5752. When I made the practice dress, I was confused as to what part of the dress I was putting together. Finally, I saw the bodice appear out of the pieces of fabric! Luckily, I took some time to practice on this before cutting into the more expensive piece of fabric!

Friday, January 06, 2012

 Circle Skirt
Pattern drafted with help from Casey Brown Designs
Fabric from Joann

I don't know why it's taken me so long to make a circle skirt! They're so easy. I didn't even need to use my serger. The only thing that was a little different was the zipper, which was made using a patch method (seeing how there were no side or back seams). Still not hard, just new.

I put a little button on the back:
 One thing I will say: if you take your waist measurement before the holidays and then make the skirt after the holidays, it will be a little tight. The back seam should straighten out in the next month or so.

 Terra the hedgehog helped me pose for the pictures. Isn't she funny?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

It's time for Gifts!

Adapted from Cozy V-Neck Pullover

As I was making mom's sweater vest, Emily would not not stop going on about how good she would look in a sweater vest and how she wanted one. Ok, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but she definitely stated "I want a sweater vest". And so she got one.

I started this in July and finished up in November, just in time for the week of chilly weather that Austin calls winter.

One thing I learned: a sweater vest is not just simply a sweater without sleeves, which is what I tried to do with this pattern. The raglan sleeves hung down over her shoulders and it just looked like I gave up  on the sleeves of a sweater. I had to unravel a lot of yarn to pull it up over the shoulders, but I think it turned out ok! I don't understand knitting patterns well enough to adjust, so I should probably stop thinking that I can.

Butterick 6837 with pockets adapted to look like Simplicity 2758
Sherbert terry cloth from Mood Fabrics

I swore I would not make any Christmas presents this year. It's always too stressful and I prefer not sewing with a deadline. But, mom wanted a terry cloth robe and I certainly was not paying $70 for one. So, mom got my only handmade present this year.

I love the shape of these pockets! I put them on one of my skirts last summer. Regular patch pockets are just way to boring.

I'm currently working on a circle skirt and then I'll start on mom and my McCall's 6433 sew-along (which she will most likely be posting momentarily since she's almost done and I still need laundry quarters to wash the lining).