Crafting Chavs

Monday, January 14, 2008


I forgot to post these two things
The blue dress

McCall's 5435

I wanted to wear this one to the Spice Girls concert, which meant I was on a deadline right around finals last quarter. So it's not as well-made as I'd like. But I suppose it's good enough. I wish the sleeves were a little shorter, though.

And the red dress

McCall's 5519

Ignore the frumpy faces in these pictures.

This one looked cute on the pattern envelope, but not as cute on me. I think dresses that are sort of shapeless are better for women with that kind of body type. I actually took it in a little on the sides, but I think I still want to put darts in the back, if I'm still able to get it on and off. The pattern said it was a "One Hour Dress", which it most definitely was not! Sleeves take time! And the embroidery: