Crafting Chavs

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deer Man Shirt

I'm so happy with the way this turned out. This is for the art auction we're having at work. The money goes to support an organization that teaches photography to youngins. Hopefully this raises some money. But if it doesn't, I'm happy to keep it!

It's a Sublime Stitching iron-on embroidery pattern.

Time for the close-up

Patternmaking Sucks

This actually looks nothing like how I wanted it. I did end up using an old pattern for some help, but I decided I'm not a patternmaker, which is fine. Sorry about the bad pictures, I figured this dress isn't worth re-photographing.

I tried to line it, and now the back bunches up

I guess it works, though.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Unpacked & Sewing

I finally finished unpacking this weekend, and after a month of not making anything, I wanted to make a dress I could finish in a day.
Here's the inspiration (a Dillard's ad from Glamour):

I almost used a satiny-type fabric like the one in the picture, but I decided I wanted to make it out of normal cotton fabric. What do you think?

Photo was taken in front of the new fireplace. I gathered the front & back instead of pleating it, but basically it's just one long square for the top, and two squares for the skirt and a belt sewed in a side seam. I'm going to get on something more complicated this week.

Elements Embroidery

It took me way longer than necessary to finish these embroideries.

Seeing that I can't draw, I was pretty unmotivated to start each one as I finished another. And now I don't really like my Fire, so only Earth, Air and Water are on my wall. They're all drawn and stitched by me, Fire being heavily influenced/ripped off of a Sublime Stitching pattern
Mostly split stitch, I've never been too creative with embroidery stitches.