Crafting Chavs

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Don't step on my blue suede bag

There's this vintage shop in Ballard, and they sell Mystery Bags, which are just paper bags that you can buy for $5 and it has 2-3 random things in it. I got one and in it was this great blue suede skirt that didn't fit me, so I thought, This would make the most excellent bag! And here it is: (oh, and the buttons were part of the skirt as well). I should have taken a picture of it before I cut it up!

Just a simple skirt

I know it's a pretty uninteresting skirt, but I made the pattern for it, so I want to post it!

Earrings Squared

I saw these in a book in my metals class (well, they were much more well made) and I couldn't help but make them for myself! I know they're a little uneven, but whatever, so are my ears.

My stuff from Metals

Here's what I made in my metals class.
My midterm
And my final

They're both made in pretty much the same way, I just sawed them out, gave them a hammer texture and riveted them together.